spi_cmd moduleΒΆ

CHIPSEC includes functionality for reading and writing the SPI flash. When an image file is created from reading the SPI flash, this image can be parsed to reveal sections, files, variables, etc.


Particular care must be taken when using the SPI write and SPI erase functions. These could make your system unbootable.

A basic forensic operation might be to dump the entire SPI flash to a file. This is accomplished as follows:

# python chipsec_util.py spi dump rom.bin

The file rom.bin will contain the full binary of the SPI flash. It can then be parsed using the decode util command.

>>> chipsec_util spi info|dump|read|write|erase|disable-wp [flash_address] [length] [file]


>>> chipsec_util spi info
>>> chipsec_util spi dump rom.bin
>>> chipsec_util spi read 0x700000 0x100000 bios.bin
>>> chipsec_util spi write 0x0 flash_descriptor.bin
>>> chipsec_util spi disable-wp
>>> chipsec_util spi sfdp
>>> chipsec_util spi jedec
>>> chipsec_util spi jedec decode