OS Helpers and Drivers

Provide common interfaces to interact with system drivers/commands

Mostly invoked by HAL modules

Directly invoking helpers from modules should be minimized

Helpers import from BaseHelper

Override applicable functions – default is to generate exception

I/O, PCI, MSR, UEFI Variables, etc.

Create a New Helper

Helper needs to be added to the import list either within helpers.py or custom_helpers.py


The new helper should be added to either chipsec/helper/helpers.py or chipsec/helper/custom_helpers.py

A new helper folder should be created under chipsec/helper/new_helper

chipsec/helper/new_helper/__init__.py within the new folder needs to add the helper to avail_helpers list

import platform
from chipsec.helper.oshelper import avail_helpers

if "linux" == platform.system().lower():
    __all__ = [ "linuxhelper" ]
    __all__ = [ ]

chipsec/helper/new_helper/new_helper.py should import from Helper Base Class

from chipsec.helper.basehelper import Helper
class NewHelper(Helper):

    def __init__(self):
        super(NewHelper, self).__init__()
        self.name = "NewHelper"

Helper components