pcie_fuzz moduleΒΆ

Simple PCIe device Memory-Mapped I/O (MMIO) and I/O ranges VMM emulation fuzzer


chipsec_main -m tools.vmm.pcie_fuzz [-a <bus> <dev> <fun>]

  • <bus> : Bus # to fuzz (in hex)

  • <dev> : Device # to fuzz (in hex)

  • <fun> : Function # to fuzz (in hex)

  • []: optional line

>>> chipsec_main.py -i -m tools.vmm.pcie_fuzz
>>> chipsec_main.py -i -m tools.vmm.pcie_fuzz -l log.txt
>>> chipsec_main.py -i -m tools.vmm.pcie_fuzz -a 0 1f 0
Additional options set within the module:
  • IO_FUZZ : Set to fuzz IO BARs

  • CALC_BAR_SIZE : Set to calculate BAR sizes

  • TIMEOUT : Timeout between memory writes (seconds)

  • ACTIVE_RANGE : Set to fuzz MMIO BAR in Active range

  • BIT_FLIP : Set to fuzz using bit flips

  • _EXCLUDE_BAR : BARs to exclude (list)


  • Returns a Warning by default

  • System may be in an unknown state, further evaluation may be needed


  • This module is designed to run in a VM environment

  • Behavior on physical HW is undefined