Tool to test for ‘TE Header’ vulnerability in Secure Boot implementations as described in All Your Boot Are Belong To Us

Usage: -m tools.secureboot.te [-a <mode>,<cfg_file>,<efi_file>]
  • <mode>

    • generate_te (default) convert PE EFI binary <efi_file> to TE binary

    • replace_bootloader replace bootloader files listed in <cfg_file> on ESP with modified <efi_file>

    • restore_bootloader restore original bootloader files from .bak files

  • <cfg_file> path to config file listing paths to bootloader files to replace

  • <efi_file> path to EFI binary to convert to TE binary. If no file path is provided, the tool will look for Shell.efi


Convert Shell.efi PE/COFF EFI executable to TE executable: -m tools.secureboot.te -a generate_te,Shell.efi

Replace bootloaders listed in te.cfg file with TE version of Shell.efi executable: -m tools.secureboot.te -a replace_bootloader,te.cfg,Shell.efi

Restore bootloaders listed in te.cfg file: -m tools.secureboot.te -a restore_bootloader,te.cfg