chipsec.modules.common.uefi.s3bootscript module

Checks protections of the S3 resume boot-script implemented by the UEFI based firmware


VU#976132 UEFI implementations do not properly secure the EFI S3 Resume Boot Path boot script

Technical Details of the S3 Resume Boot Script Vulnerability by Intel Security’s Advanced Threat Research team.

Attacks on UEFI Security by Rafal Wojtczuk and Corey Kallenberg.

Attacking UEFI Boot Script by Rafal Wojtczuk and Corey Kallenberg.

Exploiting UEFI boot script table vulnerability by Dmytro Oleksiuk.

Usage: -m common.uefi.s3bootscript [-a <script_address>]

  • -a <script_address>: Specify the bootscript address

  • []: optional line

>>> -m common.uefi.s3bootscript
>>> -m common.uefi.s3bootscript -a 0x00000000BDE10000


Requires an OS with UEFI Runtime API support.