spi moduleΒΆ

Access to SPI Flash parts

>>> read_spi( spi_fla, length )
>>> write_spi( spi_fla, buf )
>>> erase_spi_block( spi_fla )
>>> get_SPI_JEDEC_ID()
>>> get_SPI_JEDEC_ID_decoded()


!! IMPORTANT: Size of the data chunk used in SPI read cycle (in bytes) default = maximum 64 bytes (remainder is read in 4 byte chunks)

If you want to change logic to read SPI Flash in 4 byte chunks: SPI_READ_WRITE_MAX_DBC = 4

@TBD: SPI write cycles operate on 4 byte chunks (not optimized yet)

Approximate performance (on 2-core SMT Intel Core i5-4300U (Haswell) CPU 1.9GHz): SPI read: ~7 sec per 1MB (with DBC=64)