MacOS Installation


MacOS support is currently in Beta release. There’s no support for M1 chips

Install CHIPSEC Dependencies

Python 3.7 or higher (


CHIPSEC has deprecated support for Python2 since June 2020

Install XCODE from the App Store (for best results use version 11 or newer)

Install PIP and setuptools packages. Please see instructions here

Turn the System Integrity Protection (SIP) off. See Configuring SIP

An alternative to disabling SIP and allowing untrusted/unsigned kexts to load can be enabled by running the following command:

# csrutil enable --without kext

Building Chipsec

Clone CHIPSEC Git repository:

# git clone


Follow steps in section “Using as a Python package” of Running CHIPSEC

To build chipsec.kext on your own and load please follow the instructions in drivers/osx/README


When done using CHIPSEC, ensure the driver is unloaded and re-enable the System Integrity Protection:

# kextunload -b

# csrutil enable

Build Errors

xcodebuild requires xcode error during CHIPSEC install:

# sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/